I knew I was Right

Finally, that cute blogspot template featured on "See no Evil Here" is corrected. Finally that blog co-author "listened" to the input from that template users. I knew there were something wrong with that template, and though I was not listened, I am glad someone else could make the co-author see the problems even though for that he had to reprimand a bit :-D. Seems it's necessary to be that way sometimes.

It would be a pity if no one care. I'm not a perfectionist, but seeing my blog goes awry really annoys me especially because I'm an html and css illiterate. That template actually doesn't matter anymore for me now, cause I've changed my blog template with a beautiful and fault-free template from Blogger Buster since some weeks ago and it seemed not only me who changed the template, but the guy who made it happened also changed his template into a good-looking one too.
I'm just glad that I was right and glad to be able to make contribution.
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