Gossiping Our Gigolo Friends

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What a title :))
Well, a week ago I met a long time friend after having not seen each other for quite a long time. We met because Ira invited me and our other friend, Fedi, to watch a movie for free at JIFFEST. I probably will write the review of that movie on my next post.

This time I'm writing about the thing that came up after we spoke about our friends from the past. One of the news that I heard reminded me on what I heard when I met Noe -a friend from my senior highschool. Fedi told a surprising similar story, of course about a different person. However when I think over about those two persons who become the subjects of the stories, I found similarities between them.

So what kind of surprising news would you hear when you meet your old friends?
Me, for the second times I heard news about friend who has (I think the other one has stop) other profession as a.. ahem..gigolo!

Like most gossip, of course this is not something that matters to us, but still it's a guilty pleasure thing that brought us a lot of laugh during our gathering.

None of us was questioning our gigolo friend's morality when Fedi disclosed the news. Ira and I instead disbelieved that news, because in our eyes or maybe in our thought we remembered him as being an effeminate boy. We still can remember the way his speaking which was quite cissy, so I asked Fedi something like "are you sure he escorts women?."
Fedi said he once even ever revealed to her that he usually met the women in fitness centre and that he enjoyed the company of senior women.
Then Ira suddenly made gesture with hands on her neck and said "yeah I remember he has a disproportional big neck after he joined fitness."
We all laughed being reminded of that, but it's very true and that big neck thing had been circulated when we're still at the university, it's not because he was a popular guy, but maybe because of the sudden transformation of him becoming bulking up with muscle, especially bulking neck :))
We think he's too bunglesome to be a gigolo :-D -not that we've met one in person.

As I already mentioned, it's not the first time I heard about a friend become gigolo. About four years ago when I met Noe, I also disbelieved what he said about our friend who became a gigolo, but he said it's already known by many friends. I've known that friend since I was in the junior highschool. In those junior highschool time he only mingled with one boy and both of them were shunned by most of other friends. He was short, a bit sissy, and was sometimes dejected by other friends. But he changed a lot at the senior highschool, I knew it because we went to the same school again. He grew up fast, became quite tall with an athletic built body. He had a bigger circle of friends this time, but from what I could render from Noe's story, he wasn't really liked by many. He was always nice to me though, so I never had any problem with him.

The similarity between those friends is that they both once were reputed as sissy boys.
Other similarities are they both academically smart persons and come from well-off families.
Not long after I heard that thing from Noe, I learned another surprising thing about
that allegedly gigolo friend. I read about him on a big local newspaper, not about him being gigolo of course, but the news was talking about the marriage of a daughter of one prominent person, and the groom was him. Pretty happy 'ending' life for him :)), but still not sure about the other gigolo friend.


Monica said...

I guess your gigolo friend must be very handsome :-D

Ori said...

which one? the finally married one? Well...he's just ok :-P
But the other one, he makes us keep wondering....maybe his 'clients' see him as something exotic LOL.

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