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This post contains some scrumptious chances that I found on the net and also is about the prizes that I have got from there up til now during 2008. I don't get many prizes but these prizes are still something that's rejoice-able ;-D

It started back in April, I was confused when I received mysterious 100 EC in my Entrecard account, but then the mystery revealed in a short time :)).

In August, without pretension I entered Win a Free Italian Lesson from Edufire, and I won. I haven't used the voucher, but I have checked that I can claim the prize whenever I want.

Keep reading to see some things that I luckily acquired from the net, and oh, you probably can also get your own luck! ;)
In November, I received email from informing me that they are sending me t-shirt for helping spread the word about hordit. I'm still waiting for the t-shirt now :)

This December, as I already expected, I won $10 from PSDTUTS for buying a template. At first, I was very sure that I would buy the very cute Playful Planet template from Amanda, but then I saw Gamediary template which I think unique. I think I better don't rush, after all I don't yet need the template and I have a year before the prize is expired.

The most recent thing that I won from the net is the Holiday Special from Slamblogger. I won a month text-link ad there. I like this blog when it slams things, for instance those exclusively payperpost blogs, and currently it slams in-text ads. Harsh, but quite funny :))

I think that's all. Now I'm crossing my fingers for this $6000 contest that will end on 24 December and will be drawn on 27 December. I also feel very excited for HP Computer Giveaway contest from Labnol that will end pretty soon, i.e today!!
So hurry if you're interested to win yummy prizes. Try your luck just by answering a short survey. I have entered it some days ago, but I found out just now that this contest is actually just one of The HP Magic Giveaway contests!! But sadly many of them are ended already, though there's still chances until 22 Dec for tekkie people here.
Good luck! ;)


Monica said...

WOW! you're so lucky Ori! ;-) I like the $6000 contest :-D oh no it'll end on 24 Dec?!

Ori said...

heheh...just lucky. I wish for that $6000 contest too, but any of the prizes will be win is already great. Better hurry Mon.

tere616 said...

Wow, congratulations Ori.
Hm .. try to enter the contest, but I never win. So should I try ? LOL

Ori said...

@tere616, yes!! you should try..try..and try... :))
I always try when the prize is something that I want, and whenever it's free of course eheheh!!

Dolly's Diary said...

Hi Ori,
I am sorry to hear your mother is weak, I hope that she regains her strength. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will pray for your mom.
Janet :)

Ori said...

Thank you Janet!! Your blog post is really inspiring. Thanks for your pray too :)

Monica said...

Hi Ori, Merry Christmas to you & your family!

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