Hijacked Christmas

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Go Google the internet for "Father Christmas", and you don't have to hard guess, because it will sure list things about Santa Claus. Go check out the Christmas decorations in Shopping Centres, Malls, or at many houses, then it's almost certainly Santa is around.
Most everything about Christmas has long been referred to Santa Claus. Ask the children, and I'm sure many of them will think first of that old white-bearded man with red outfit, than of the One who actually has the Christmas Day.

That's pretty sad. Some people may say that telling the children not to believe in Santa Claus is like taking away the joy of Christmas from them, but for Christian letting the children believing in fallacy about Christmas it's like letting them to have weak foundation of Faith. After all what makes Santa that special that you don't mind to lie to children?

Does Santa Claus really teach us or children about love, giving or kindness?
I wouldn't mind if people say that, but I really mind when people idolise Santa Clause in Christmas time and make it as an occasion to teach children to behave well so Santa will grant them with gifts.

Why not teach children about the Love of God instead?
Christmas is the celebration of giving. God gave His only Son, Jesus to the world to save human. At least three wise men -the Magi- gave their best gift to welcome Baby Jesus, their long journey I think also showed their love to Him.

Therefore, teaching the children about Love is the right way rather than to let them to believe in something that is groundless. Instead using Santa Clause as an intermediary, it's better to give the present directly to those you love, and say something like "I give you present because God love us very much and long ago He gave the most wonderful present to us through Jesus, and because of that we can celebrate Christmas. So this present is also because I love you."

Or you can say anything else, just don't let them be chained in a false belief.
After all Christmas is about Christ' birthday, it's His big day, though it's not really on 25 Dec but Christmas Day 25 Dec was and is meant for Christ Jesus.
How do you feel when your Birthday event is hijacked by someone else?

I hope those who still idolise Santa Clause on Christmas Day can realise this.
Christ gave His life to us, but Santa Clause can only provide 'bought' gifts :-P
Stop saying that Father Christmas is him, because it's God.
Jesus is our Friend, our Shepherd, our God and our Father.

Happy Birthday Jesus...and Merry Christmas to you who read this :))
and don't just say "Happy Holidays."
May the Christmas spirit stay with us forever and guide us to always follow Jesus.

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Monica said...

I completely agree with you Ori; May the Christmas spirit stay with us forever and guide us to always follow Jesus.

Monica said...

Happy new year Ori! May the new year bring happiness, prosperity and love to you & your loved ones ;-)

Ori said...

Thank you Monica!!! I wish you all the best too and may this year you get more and more than before and happiness to you and those you love!!!

Leet said...

May this holiday bring us new inspiration...
Wishing you happiness & health... Happy New Year 2009

Cheers, Leet

The Success said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 ya Ori...
Good Health and Success for you...

Ori said...

@leet @the success: thank you!!! I wish you good health and success too in this 2009!! :))

somehume said...

For the past few years I've felt weird when shopping for gifts because they are invariably referred to as Christmas gifts. A PS3 game hardly compares to one who became a martyr to save humanity.

Monica said...

Hi Ori, how have you been?

btw, you've been tagged! ;-)

Ori said...

@somehume LOL..so true!! Everything seems Christmas-tized
@monica..sorry for the late response...will do the tag asap :-D

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