Controversy at Puteri Indonesia 2010

I am one of the people who believe that the questions and answers session at events such as miss pageant are already prepared, and I knew I was right.
The 15th Annual Puteri Indonesia Beauty Pageant finally brings the proof when one of the contestants answers the question she randomly chooses.
The hint of controversy comes out from its shell when the contestant from Jakarta 4, Nadine, takes her turn on the first round of Q&A sessions.

Host: ....blah..blah... (sorry..I don't remember words by words but it's about).....what to do to with the children as the next generation...for their future....

Nadine: (she looks very confident at first, by beginning her answer with a specific term)...there is an enzyme....called....telomerase....this enzyme...err...telomerase....(suddenly her confidence free fall from the sky to the ground...she just can't continue what is the term she's just saying)

Until the short time for answering the question elapses, she's stuck in her bewilderment of getting the next words to complete her answer. The two hosts also join the awkwardness, lost in translation for some seconds :-D

However, despite the fact that she can't complete the answer, she gets away to the next round.
By that time I knew that this girl would win the Puteri Indonesia 2010.
I was cocksure because she dares to use that specific word, Telomese, but fails to continue.

The next answers by her on the following Q&A sessions are no better than on the first session.
Pity that the organiser of Puteri Indonesia still don't learn the lesson, Nadine Alexandra wins the title as Puteri Indonesia 2010.

photo credit Putri Indonesia website

I hope this time they train her better :-P
Just don't let people laugh in ironic, like when they're watching our Puteri Indonesia 2009 Qory Sandioririva saying "when you down, woman can make you up". Enough Nadine Candrawinata who thought that Indonesia is a city. We need someone like Artika Sari Devi or Zivanna Latisha Siregar.
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